Cartel 011 and Kenner Collaborate to Create the Rakka Siren

Cartel 011 and Kenner Collaborate to Create the Rakka Siren

A Reimagined Sandal Inspired by the Streets of São Paulo, Brazil, the collaboration introduces a sandal that embodies contemporary fashion and streetwear elements.

Kenner and Cartel 011, arguably the hottest, most progressive Streetwear fashion & sneaker boutique in all of Brazil, has announced the first in a series of collaborations with Cartel’s
CZO Artifacts™ private label brand and pioneering multi-space venue. 

This collaboration between the two iconic Brazilian cultural institutions introduces a new interpretation of a closed-toe sandal tailored to the urban lifestyle of São Paulo, Brazil - a city of over 12 million people (For comparison, NYC has over 8 million people).

For their collaboration debut, Kenner and CZO Artifacts™ announce the Rakka Siren, a revamped version of Kenner's acclaimed Rakka model. The Rakka Siren reflects contemporary fashion trends and streetwear style while reinterpreting classic codes from both brands.

CZO Artifacts™ played a crucial role in product development, leveraging their trend forecasting expertise to create the first of multiple iconic pieces in partnership with Kenner. Cris Resende, Creative Director and co-founder of Cartel, drew inspiration from 'fisherman sandals' integrating utilitarian details and exclusive technology and innovation elements typical of Kenner.

The Siren features high-tenacity polyester straps, polymer-injected adjustable components, strategic neoprene reinforcements ensuring a perfect fit, and an exclusive EVA insole with a sanded finish. Its rubber sole and eco-efficient components add a sustainable profile to the sandal.

Available in six colors, the Siren’s unique style embodies Kenner's connection with urban cultural expressions, blending its technological prowess and progressive trendsetting design. This collaboration brings an exceptionally comfortable product brimming with style and fashion.

Lorena Tomassini, Kenner's Manager of Marketing Strategy, notes, "Kenner is a brand born with a global DNA refined in Rio de Janeiro. This collaboration will enhance the cultural relevance and product authority of Kenner."

Kenner continues to expand its fan base through collaborations like this one with CZO Artifacts™, featuring an original collection, a launch event for the first drop, and an immersive shopping experience at Cartel 011 in São Paulo, Brazil.


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