From Streets to Global Stage: How Kenner is Redefining Footwear with Brazilian Flair

From Streets to Global Stage: How Kenner is Redefining Footwear with Brazilian Flair

Bernardo Cabral on Kenner's Unique Design Philosophy, Sustainable Practices, and the Future of Streetwear.

Via Davinci Magazine 5/18/2024

In the vibrant world of streetwear, few brands capture the essence of urban culture as authentically as Kenner. Founded in 1988, this Brazilian footwear brand has steadily built a reputation for innovation, quality, and a unique aesthetic that reflects the country’s dynamic street culture. At the helm of Kenner’s international marketing efforts is Bernardo Cabral, whose insights into the brand’s journey and philosophy offer a compelling narrative of creativity and resilience.

Embodying Brazilian Street Culture

Kenner’s design philosophy, rooted in the principle of “form follows function,” has evolved to mirror the creativity, courage, strength, and joy inherent in Brazilian life. “Kenner was born with an aesthetic proposal that firmly supported its functionality and simplicity,” Cabral explains. The brand’s designs are now recognized for reflecting the Brazilian urban aesthetic, aiming to enchant with beauty, authenticity, and quality. This approach has allowed Kenner to stand out in a crowded market, appealing to consumers who value both innovation and cultural resonance.

Innovation in Design and Material Quality

What truly sets Kenner apart is its commitment to surprising consumers with extreme functionality and top-tier materials. “We always work with the most premium materials and advanced manufacturing technology,” says Cabral. This dedication is evident in the use of materials like nylon, cordura, metal, and EVA, which ensure the durability and comfort of every pair of Kenner sandals. The brand’s RAKKA Sole Technology exemplifies this commitment, combining high-performance polymer with innovative design to deliver unparalleled comfort and safety.

Sustainability at the Core

Kenner’s approach to sustainability is both practical and impactful. By focusing on creating long-lasting products, the brand minimizes waste and promotes a cleaner planet. “We believe that if we produce products that are not discarded easily, we will be making a significant contribution to a cleaner planet,” Cabral notes. This philosophy drives Kenner’s efforts to reuse raw materials and explore plant-based alternatives, all while maintaining their high standards of durability and comfort.

In-House Production Excellence

A key factor in Kenner’s success is its decision to keep the entire production process in-house. This strategy allows the brand to maintain strict quality control and ensure that every product meets their high standards. “Industrial verticalization has helped us maintain this vision,” Cabral explains, emphasizing the importance of trust and control in delivering reliable, high-quality footwear to loyal customers.

A Lifestyle Beyond Footwear

Kenner’s influence extends beyond the realm of footwear, embedding itself deeply within urban culture. The brand resonates with artists, rappers, DJs, and athletes who see Kenner as a symbol of their origins and aspirations. “Wearing a Kenner is an affirmation that you are part of street culture,” Cabral says. This connection is evident in Kenner’s strong presence in music, fashion, and art, making it a beloved icon among cultural influencers.

The Creative Process: Balancing Innovation and Tradition

At the heart of Kenner’s creative process is a relentless curiosity and a commitment to innovation. “We want to constantly be innovating with each launch,” Cabral states. This drive to stay ahead of market trends while adhering to the brand’s core values ensures that Kenner remains relevant and appealing to its audience. By focusing on behavioral changes and avoiding fleeting fads, Kenner consistently delivers products that are both timeless and cutting-edge.

Engaging with the Community

Kenner’s relationship with its community is one of genuine engagement and mutual passion. The brand enjoys high engagement rates on social media, with followers who actively share their love for Kenner products. This organic content creation often leads to strategic partnerships, as seen with rapper FBC, who has become a key ambassador for the brand. “Our consumers are real brand advocates,” Cabral proudly remarks.

Future Projects and Global Ambitions

Looking ahead, Kenner is poised to expand its influence beyond Brazil, with ambitious projects aimed at the global market. Collaborations with international artists like Anitta and Masego signal the brand’s intent to transform its national icon status into a global phenomenon. “We made a very powerful start with the campaign featuring Anitta and Masego,” Cabral shares, highlighting the brand’s bold vision for the future.

A Vision for the Future

Optimistic and forward-thinking, Kenner’s vision for the future is clear. The brand aims to bring freshness to the market, embodying daring and authenticity while upholding its commitment to quality and comfort. “Kenner will bring freshness to the market,” Cabral concludes, confident in the brand’s ability to captivate and inspire in the ever-evolving world of streetwear.

As Kenner continues its journey from the streets of Brazil to the global stage, it remains a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and cultural authenticity. With leaders like Bernardo Cabral steering the way, Kenner is set to redefine the boundaries of footwear and leave an indelible mark on the world of street culture.

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